Pricing and Services

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Group Lesson (£20)

Our one hour 11+ group lessons will have a maximum ratio of 1:5 to ensure that every child receives support. We encourage all the children to actively participate and we will ensure that every child has the opportunity to answer and ask questions.

These sessions would suit a student who can collaborate with others and who enjoys an element of friendly competition. Group sessions encourage active participation and elements of independent analytical thinking.

One-to-One Private Lesson (£40)

We offer one-to-one sessions that will cover every aspect of the 11+ exams. These one hour sessions would suit a student who requires more focused guidance and individual adult input. A one-to-one lesson will benefit those children who feel more comfortable without the presence of other children.

However, we will endeavour to incorporate your child into a group session so that it is both financially beneficial for the parent and more representative of typical classroom learning.