Frequently Asked Questions

What ages do you tutor ?

We tutor children from Year 3 onwards, depending on your child’s starting point. Starting early can be a good thing, however starting too early can add unnecessary stress and workload at too young an age. Children may be grouped by ability or by age.


How do I register for a free consultation ?

If you are interested simply click the ‘Take Action’ or ‘Contact Us’ buttons to take you to the contact page. Type in your details and hit send! Once we have your contact details we will contact you regarding the most suitable time and date for a free 15 minute consultation. This can be done either over the phone or via the online video application ‘Zoom’ which we use for our sessions. We will spend this time getting to know you and what you would like from us regarding your child.  

What software/applications do I need ?

At 11 Plus UK we use ‘Zoom’. It is free for students and is available on every platform. Each ‘Zoom’ session requires a unique identification number and password, so it is both secure and safe. It is also relatively straight forward for new users and minimises potential technical issues. For more about how to get started with our sessions, using ‘Zoom’, please visit our Getting Started tab.

What resources will we need ?

Once you have been signed up to our programme we will guide you to the relevant learning materials, some of which you may want to purchase, to compliment our online sessions. 


Is my child suitable for the programme ?

This is a decision you must arrive at yourselves. After an initial consultation, we can advise you, based on our assessment. However, ability is only one of the factors to consider. Exams can cause children undue stress and anxiety. It is also worth considering how your child may cope at a selective school. Is it the right environment for your child? Will they thrive in a competitive environment or struggle. For further advice please see the below article: https://www.bofa11plus.com/content/elevenplus-information/mental-impact-of-11plus

Are they one-to-one or group lessons ?

After the initial consultation, we will assess your child’s needs. Initially, to assess whether they are suitable for the program. After that, we are able to offer both one-to-one and group tuition sessions, on different pricing structures. The benefits of one-to-one are that you child will have the full attention of a tutor and can focus the learning on the child’s specific gaps. However, some children feel self-conscious and intimidated with such individual scrutiny and prefer to be part of a small group learning the same skills. Group sessions are also more economical for parents.