Who We Are

Our Mission

At 11 PLUS UK we endeavour to deliver quality 11+ instruction and support, in a calm and familiar environment, while ensuring that anxiety levels are managed effectively.

We do not believe that children should be experiencing pressure and that developing skills for exams can be done in a relatively stressless way. Our mindful approach to study should equip pupils with a keen awareness of their feelings and allow them to develop greater resilience.

Educational Experience

Between us we have over 15 years of experience of primary education in both independent and state sectors. We have led a variety of subjects throughout our careers and developed curricula in both of the core subjects of English and maths. In addition, we have a wealth of experience with 11+ preparation. 

We ensure that we keep up to date with current educational developments and teaching methods. We use the Maths Mastery philosophy for the teaching of maths to ensure concepts are deeply embedded.

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Our Core Values

Throughout our teaching we ensure that we are consistent with our core values:

  • Encouragement of a Growth Mindset
  • Pupil engagement and achievement
  • High quality, timely communication

So why choose 11 Plus UK ?

Our team are dedicated to helping young children gain a deeper understanding of the subject areas for the 11+ exams. We use the most effective tools for learning and mastering the 11+ topic areas and give our students the best chance of passing.